Thursday, June 6, 2013


"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." -Albert Einstein

It's unfathomable to me that I am 4 days into my 25th summer break, which technically means I just completed my 25th year of teaching.  I feel 25, it's incomprehensible that I have been teaching for 25 years.  It's been an interesting ride and that ride will continue come August, but until then I'm going to enjoy every moment!

25 years- seriously??

Summer break is certainly a perk for teachers, but I truly have to say we do need time to reflect and rejuvenate.  I also love the fact that we get a fresh start each school year, it's a new beginning, not everyone has that opportunity.  It's something I'm very thankful for.  It's amazing how many former students have found me on facebook or have tracked me down somehow.  I love hearing from them and what they are doing, (I don't like necessarily hearing how old they are:) But it is one of the most rewarding aspects of the job- I realized early in my career I couldn't change the world and fix everything, but if I could make a positive impact on as many students as possible, my career would be meaningful.  That's all I really ever wanted.

Now as far as summer 25- 2013... 
Obviously, I plan on playing a lot of tennis!!!  That is a given!  I keep to my daily schedule, and get up bright and early to play and get my workout in.  The rest of the day is mine...

I love chasing this ball around!

Our big Trip- My husband and I have (what else would you expect) an active vacation planned to Seattle- hiking in national parks, biking on the islands, running the Seattle rock and roll half, attending a mariners game (I'm a huge baseball fan), driving the coast, taking a ferry, etc.  (It will be a whirlwind.) Although I am obsessed with Mt. Ranier, which is on the agenda, but what we are looking most forward to is the 5 days we will be spending in San Juan Islands (no, not Puerto Rico.)  The San Juan Islands are north of Seattle.  We are taking a water plane- a little scary, but neither one of us have other flown in one, and we like to try new things.  Once on the island, our mode of transportation will be bikes. We plan on biking all over San Juan and Orcas Island, and making to the top of Mt. Constitution.  We will be doing some sea kayaking and going on a whale watching tour.  Of course one of our favorite pastimes will be discovering local craft beers and eating a lot of halibut.  We are looking forward to a fabulous vacation!  I will keep you posted.

This was in Alaska, but I'm sure we will have
a similar picture in Washington State. :)

My Creative Challenge-
My personal creative challenge/goal this summer is to learn more about photography.  I can take a decent picture, but I have always wanted to be more creative, and I'm finally going to take the time and commit to learning all of the settings on my camera besides 'auto.'

My husband and I have a several other physical challenges on our list for 2013- I'm looking forward to a couple mountain bike races, trail runs, and whatever other challenge comes our way.

nothing like an endurance hike

Before I know it, August will be here and I will be getting ready for another school year, which I know will be good one, but not until I love every moment of summer 25- 2013!