Saturday, August 4, 2012

One Night Stand

not the four seasons, but awesome!
I'm an outdoorsy girl, I'm an outdoorsy girl, this is the mantra I told myself as Gary and I went on our first mountain bike/camping trip.  I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE the outdoors... hiking, mountain biking, trail running, but CAMPING?  It was my idea for us to get in more in touch with the outdoors.  I don't want to live a double standard, meaning, hike, bike, etc.  and then head to the Four Seasons. It's just not right. So, I encouraged this endeavor.

The outcome...I absolutely loved camping, but at this point I'm really just a one night girl.  I think two nights would put me over the edge. As far as the mountain biking (I mean true technical mountain biking), I am totally hooked.  Minus the bruises, I had so much fun!  It was a tough course, but I did come in 1st place in my division, the first timers! (Ok, I was the only entry, but still proud.)

All in all, this is something we will absolutely continue to do! (But again, one night only.) It was absolutely wonderful sleeping in nature!
Oh, I almost forgot to mention our baby:

ruby...our adventure must have!

finish line, with team becky shirt on!