Saturday, March 9, 2013


austin half marathon-

was interesting.  first event of 2013- didn't necessarily train, but i can go out and do just about anything i set my mind to, and i did as expected.

austin is an interesting city, i actually thought i would fall in love with it, but i didn't.  places open too late- i'm sorry, i like to eat lunch at noon, not 1:00, i'm just sayin'. i couldn't fully grasp austin, even though it's a college town, and I really tried.  The worst part was I couldn't find a craft beer to save my life, until I walked into a place called The Ginger Man, a nice joint- great beer, good food, and a comfortable atmosphere, but other than the ginger man, i never felt at home.  I've done a lot of traveling, and i know what home feels like, and it isn't austin.  This is what it's all about, finding a place that you can finally settle into, and that is why we travel, to find the spot that will be our last stop.

We made the best of it, and certainly had a good time, other than the last 3 miles of the half marathon that I'm pretty sure were straight uphill. :) I now know, I will never be a Texan.  One thing for sure, when I love a place, i take a lot of pictures- I think i took 5 pictures the entire 4 days- none of the half marathon, that says a lot.  Signing off from austin-

lady bird lake-which is actually a river.